Friday, March 27, 2015

Myth in Detail | Dark Circles are Caused by Lack of Sleep

Luckily for me, I don't actually suffer from dark circles, but I know that quite a few people do. It's been said that dark circles are due to lack of sleep and people say 'Oh gosh, I haven't had enough sleep look at these dark circles under my eyes, look how puffy they are' - it's a myth, it isn't caused by lack of sleep people. There are various different reasons as to why you have dark circles and/or puffy eyes, including genetics, health/medical conditions, diet and lifestyle. I'll go in to a bit more detail for you, hopefully, this can help some of you. 

Medical... Puffy eyes could be the first sign of fluid retention due to a medical problem like kidney or liver disease. It could also be a side effect to any medication that you are taking, if it gets worse, do see a doctor

Aging... The skin around the eyes is thin and loose compared to any other skin around the body. As we age, it becomes even more loose and thin. This allows fluid to collect, causing puffiness. Veins under the skin can create a dark appearance of the skin (dark circles) as well.

Genetics... You can inherit "bags under the eyes" 

Sleep Position... Lying horizontal can encourage fluid to collect fluid beneath the eyes. It also promotes dilation of the veins under the eyes, which darken the appearance of the skin even more. The veins tend to drain into the nose. 

Allergies... Nasal congestion or seasonal allergies cause the veins under the eyes to dilate and dark circles are super common with allergies, they're sometimes called "allergic shiners".

It hasn't been proven that sleep is the reason behind dark circles or puffy eyes, the fact that allergies are so common, along with colds and sinus congestion shows that tired-looking eyes isn't really due to lack of sleep. However, it may be due to how you sleep if it's horizontally. Like I said before, fluid accumulates and veins dilate making the lower lids look dark and puffy. When you wake up and take a look in the mirror, with a lack of makeup - your eyes aren't going to look chirpy first thing! So, if someone assumes that your dark circles are due to lack of sleep, tell them that there are a numerous amount of reasons as to why they're looking in such a way! 


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