Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Quote Tuesday | 13

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For some reason as I was flicking through my 'words' board on Pinterest, this one jumped out at me. I think it's because I've been interning this week and last week, which means I've been in a new environment and met new people at their work space. Before I started, I was really worried about the people and the work I was going to be doing - whether I was going to fit in etc, all the usual worrying I suppose. I said to myself that as long as I work hard and am nice to everyone, I'll be fine. I did just that and it's been such a nice experience so far. I've been nice to the people I've met, helped them out, offered to make tea and generally asking how they are, how there day has been and it's been really lovely. I stay later after the finish time, work continuously and do extra work, concentrate and keep to it and it's noticeable. I just feel that, if you're throwing yourself in to a situation like this, there isn't time to be reserved and shut off to people. It's been so interesting meeting and getting to know new people, find out their stories and ask their views on things. There's no time in life to be nasty to people and I'm so proud of myself for working hard, I know I've helped people out by doing the things I've done and that makes me happy. So work hard and be nice, it'll help you in the long-term! I'll let you know how the internship went in full, next week! 



  1. What internship are you doing? I know you want to go into acting and I was just wondering if it was related? I love the quotes you share, always positive and inspiring x


  2. Really encouraging quote and story! I had a very similar experience during my summer job. Its true that being friendly and open is always the best option. You're so right, life is too short to be nasty. I really enjoyed reading this!



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