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Sunday Coffee Chat | 08.03.15

This week hasn't been very eventful at all, Rupert left on Sunday evening to stay at his friend's this week, so I was left to my own devices! I worked as usual, worked on the blog, watched youtube videos, naughtily shopped online - it's been quite a chilled week hence a lot of the reading material below. However, keep reading to see what caught my eye over the seven days...

+ Last week, I finished reading 'Love, Tanya' by Tanya Burr and I enjoyed it. I would say it's a very easy read, so it was a great book to read whilst sipping on some tea. She has some great tips in there when it comes to fashion, beauty, skincare and hair. It was also really nice to get to know Tanya a bit more as we just see some parts of her on her youtube channel and we sort of piece it together, but in her book she was really open about her family, her experiences and it was nice to read. It's good if you want to dip in and out of the book as there isn't a particular structure which you have to stick to, but being me, I can't open a book and not finish it! 

+ I also finished reading Fleur De Force's book, 'The Glam Guide'. I have to say that I actually preferred this to Tanya's as I found it more helpful and it covers a lot in terms of beauty, skincare, fashion, lifestyle and even youtube. I'm also astounded that Fleur wrote the entire book by herself and it shows how talented this lady is. I do wish there was more of her in the book as it was very informative and taught you about certain ingredients in products, how to find the best colours for you skin etc, but you didn't get to find out much about her, unlike Tanya's book. 

+ Oh my goodness, The Wombats released another song from their upcoming album and I can't get enough of it. It's called 'Emoticons' and I love it. I have to say this is probably going to be my favourite album of theirs to date, I know I've only heard two of the songs but that's a good start in my books..(omg just seen they've released another one.. headphones in).

+ I haven't worn any makeup over the past couple of days and I've really liked it. However, the only products I have been using are the Lanolips 101 ointment which I seem to have fallen in love with. As well as the Salcura Activ Gel Serum to treat the spots that I seem to be sporting at the moment, I highly recommend both of these products, my lips are super moisturised and soft and the serum has been keeping my spots less read and angry, as well as reducing the size of any that are under the skin. 

+ I've been trying to post more regularly on my instagram and I've done quite well so far. I recently posted about my recent university offer and you guys seemed to like it which was so nice of you. If you want to follow then click HERE, comment that I sent you there and I'll take a look at your account too, as I'm always looking to follow new people. 

+ I cheekily bought two new skincare purchases which I am very excited about, to see what they are follow this symbol:

+ I posted two new videos recently! I know two, get me! One was an unboxing of the Look Fantastic Beauty Box which you can take a look at HERE. You can see all of the exciting products that were in the March box. Also, I uploaded my current favourites which are a total mix of beauty, fashion, films, books and more, so do head over HERE and let me know what your favourites are too. 


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