Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Music Playlist #4

This month hasn't been too different from the last one, but there may be a few that you might not have heard of. Here are the ten swirling round my brain...

6. 7/11 - Beyonce (I know it's back again #obsessed)



  1. nice playlist..i like numb 4 and 5

  2. Hello Bella,

    i always read your Blogposts, but never comment on them, because english is not my first language and I do not want to write in a crappy english on your beautiful blog. I just wanted to led you know, that I really enjoy reading your blog, you always put so much effort and details in your posts. Thank you a lot for inspiring me.

    Lots of love Selina xxx (Hanover, Germany)

  3. Glad you liked it, me too! <3.

  4. Awh thank you so much, your English is great! <3.


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