Thursday, April 09, 2015

Five Fashion Blogs To Follow On Bloglovin...

One of my favourite things to do ever is to sip on a cup of coffee and go through my feed on Bloglovin' to catch up on all the blogs that I follow. It's the perfect platform to catch up on the different blogs you follow and read their posts as and when they publish them. I prefer this a lot more than GFC as I can actually keep up with posts and see them instantly, rather than track down who's posted in the day. 

I don't think I've ever done a post like this before, where I've shared with you who I instantly look out for when scrolling my feed. So, I've picked five out of a big bunch and will try and rotate this as often as I can. I thought I'd concentrate on the fashion bloggers that I'm slightly obsessed with and who constantly inspire me in what to wear. Maybe you could leave your suggestions on who you'd like to see next time below...

Name: Yanin 
Seriously her style is beyond amazing, I am constantly saving her outfits to my account because they're just so on point. She very much features clean lines, a neutral colour palette and a hint of Scandi in her outfits, what I love is how effortless and stylish her outfits are, without it look too put together and structured. 

Name: Olivia

I'd be very surprised if you didn't know who Olivia was, her blog is what I'd want mine to be if I could pose as well as she can and had the dedication she has too! She does feature a bit of everything on her blog, but it's mainly fashion. She definitely reminds me of Audrey Hepburn with her beehive that I constantly want to emmulate and signature red lips. Olivia's style features notes of boho, the 60's and hints of floral/girlie detail - she makes me want to dress for every occasion. 

Name: Isabella
We have the same name which immediately means that she's a dynamite gal. No joke, Isabella is absolutely gorgeous! She makes staples in her wardrobe look amazing, again like Yanin, giving the look of effortless chic. She takes beautiful photos that look clean and fresh, leaving me wanting to scroll through her entire Bloglovin feed for hours. 

Name: Julie
A recent follow from me, but have no idea what had taken me so long! Julie has a style that I wish I could pull off myself. Firstly, she lives in a hotter place than me so I'm jealous of the fact that she can wear t-shirts with no jumpers or layers involved! Secondly, she has a very classy look to her outfits with a hint of casualness and overall, just cool! 

Name: Stephanie

Steph is a lovely friend of mine, who i've gotten quite close to over our time on the internet and I constantly look at her blog and wish it was mine! Whenever I see a new post from her she just oozes style and I also feel like she's just ahead of the game in terms of what's new and hot in the fashion world. Worth a follow.

I love all the above people and there are so many more that I follow that I would love to list, but we'd be here for a decade. Also, if you want to follow me on Bloglovin', here, I would be happy to welcome you with open arms, I don't feature much fashion, but there's nothing like plugging yourself is there..?



  1. I love I Dress Myself it's one of my favourite fashion blogs so I'm definitely going to check the other out!
    The Lipstick, The Girl and Her Wardrobe

  2. You've made me want to try using bloglovin now!


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