Friday, April 17, 2015

My New Favourite Lip Combination

There has only been two products that I've been applying on my lips for literally the past month and more. I'm always loving a brown/pink toned neutral lip and whilst perusing on instagram, I found this image which totally led me to purchase the two above products. I completely fell in love with the colour and there I was, on the MAC website buying the Brave lipstick and Soar lip liner. I absolutely love wearing these two together and separately, seriously I can't praise these two enough. The combo is a look that can be worn with a simple eye or with a smokey eye, making it very versatile and suitable for any look. 

'Brave' is a gorgeous neutral rose-toned pink and perfect for everyday or evening, to be honest, I'll just wear it whenever I can. 'Soar' is slightly deeper and has more of a brown tone to it, I also find that this has more of a matte finish than the lipstick. I like to apply 'Soar' all over the lip to create a deep look and then add 'Brave' over the top which lightens the lips considerably. Both are really comfortable on the skin, I tend to apply a bit of lip balm before the lip pencil, just to make sure it isn't a difficult texture to work with. 'Brave' has a Satin finish, which makes the formula creamy and moisturising, but it's not glossy or shiny. Got to love that neutral look! 


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  1. good products..i love mac lipstick


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