Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Quote Tuesday | 17

I've done this before where I've listed things that I'm happy for and keeping in line with the quote above, here's a new list of things that I'm happy about and I know this will boost my spirits. 

- Looking at how lovely my daffodils are since they've opened
- Sitting outside and feeling the rays of sun whilst I type away at my laptop
- Pre-planning all of my posts for April and making a start on May
- Receiving surprise packages from Benefit Cosmetics
- Giving my skin a break from makeup and it feeling so soft
- Saving my Easter egg for ages and then the satisfaction of finally eating it was perfect
- Watching 'Spirited Away' ~ a big throwback from my younger years
- Long Facetime calls with my sister 
- A yummy omelette with onions, red peppers & mushrooms!
- Having that first sip of coffee in the morning
- Waking up early and seeing the sunshine. Very refreshing.
- Sorting out my clothes ~ classic virgo
- Really nice Twitter chats in the evenings before bed
- Seeing that my hair is slowly, but surely, growing!
- Getting in to my book and remembering where it's leading (i've seen the TV series)
- Laughing with Rupert

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