Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Short Hair Life

Even though I did a video about me cutting my hair, I don't actually think I addressed it properly on my blog. I still can't get over the fact that I chopped my hair off, my hair dresser wasn't so keen on the idea either - but we did it, in one go. I've had it this length now for about two months now and do I regret it? Yes and no! I do get hair envy when I see girls with the hair length I used to have, but I don't miss not being able to have it down 24/7 because it would get the most horrendous knots ever. I do think that I look a lot cooler with shorter hair, I can wear beanies and rock a whole Scandinavian look (which you know I love), as well as wearing it down to bed and just rocking it in its natural way the next morning. It's a dream to brush now, when I feel like it and is a pleasure to wash as it takes literally 6-7 minutes, compared to the old 20 minute shower. 

Maintenance: Like I said above it is soo much better to look after now, in the sense that i'm lazy and the length appeals to me. My hair is naturally quite wavy and with the length being short, it's pretty nice and chic, yet effortless. I also don't need to brush it ever, I hardly get any knots or dreadlocky bits, therefore, making this chop very low maintenance. Now I have shorter hair, it takes no time to dry at all, I'll go without washing it for a week! I'm not a big fan of dry shampoo, so the fact that I could squeeze in a hair wash in the morning and know that I'll be dry asap, is a great feeling. I feel very Parisian-like and trying to embrace the natural look.  

Chop again? I do go to the hairdressers, not as often as most people do, but my hairdresser recommends that I see her every six months. I didn't have my hair cut short for six or seven years, I felt like it was something I needed to do. I wanted to know what I looked like with short hair and some days I love it and some days I hate it. I'll tell you the truth, when I got it cut I hated it and cried and wanted my long hair to grow back instantly - I do still, sort of, feel this way. BUT.. I'm sure my hair is a lot more healthy now and I think my poor scalp and patience needed this chop, will I have it again? Probably not! 

Styling: With my long hair, I only ever put it in a plait (if I was bothered to do it), a bun, a ponytail or down. Now, I feel like I can put more effort in to it as there isn't much of it to work with - making it less of a chore. No I can't do a halo braid or a milk braid, but can do similar styles, plait pigtails if I feel like it, various up-do's and all that jazz. It's a lot easier to pin up now and getting volume in the hair is actually possible to do now! 

I'll keep you updated with my next plan of action - we know I'm growing it, but I could change my mind, doubt it. But, if you want something similar to what I have I said to my hairdresser that I wanted it to be long enough to go in a bun, with some layers and for it to be long at the front. Also take copious amounts of photos, I sent them to her in a text message so she knew where I was coming from. 


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