Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sunday Coffee Chat | 12.04.15

This week has been a bit of a dud one, I haven't needed to travel in t London which is a nice change and have been working from home. I haven't been feeling too well actually, it seems my nickel allergy has been taking its toll, two weeks later! My neck is really sore and my eyes have gotten really swollen - so much to the point that Rupert woke me up at midnight to tell me and look after me. However, I have really been enjoying the sun that has decided to grace us with its presence here in the UK and I even painted my nails - check me out! On with the links...

+ As I mentioned earlier, I've actually painted my nails for once - I gave them such a long break from polish with a hint of 'cba' in the air. I'm sure I'll be posting about it soon, as I've fallen in love with the colour, it's Essie's 'Cocktail Bling'

+ Rupert so kindly bought me April's VOGUE, you know, the one with Cara, Suki and Georgia on the cover. For some reason, I've really enjoyed this month's issue and have been reading it cover to cover and thoroughly enjoyed it. Usually, I only read a few articles and pick up some fashion tips etc, but I've loved everything in it. 

+ I've been a little bit obsessive over my daffodils this week. I bought some the other day for just a £1 and have been watching them grow and grow. If you follow me on Twitter, you'll know how pleased I was when they opened! 

+ Guys, it's only 3 days until The Wombats release their new album, but they have teased us again by releasing two new songs beforehand. They are 'This Is Not a Party' and 'Be Your Shadow'.. as expected, I love em' both to pieces. 

+ This week I gave myself a little throwback and watched two of my all time favourite films, 'Spirited Away' which I've loved for years and years. But, I also watched 'Wreck It Ralph' which I think is such a good film, one of my favourites for sure! 

+ Yep, I'm talking about this again.. 'Game of Thrones: Song of Ice and Fire'. I've picked it up again and am interested! It's hard people, it's 800 pages, I mean - that is daunting! 

+ Last week I uploaded my fourth instalment of 'Ask Izzy' and answered some questions that you had for me. If you want to see if I answered any of your questions or you're just plain nosey, then click HERE

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