Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sunday Coffee Chat | 26.04.15

It has been a pretty chilled week, I arrived back from Newcastle and worked for two days. I sleptover at my friend's house and headed to Brighton the next day, only to see my mum for lunch which was really nice, but sad too! I wish I could live there again, it makes me so happy whenever i'm there. I also nearly got a tattoo, but chickened out as I didn't want to go on my own in case something went wrong. However, i've still got some links to share with you from the week...

+ I had a really weird dream the other night and had the urge to find out what it meant. I found this site called "Dream Visions" and it's amazing! You have to be quite specific and really put in as much detail as you can for it to analyze it properly.

+ As you know 'The Wombats' released their new album this month and I am loving it. My current favourite that I love playing is 'Isabel', also it's the first half of my name so I'm slightly convinced that it's a bit about me ;)

+ I watched a documentary on Netflix yesterday, it was called 'Dreams of a Life' and it's about Joyce Carol Vincent. A woman who died in her flat and wasn't discovered for three years afterwards, it was so sad and such a mystery as to how she got there and what had happened.

+ As I'm starting my new job next week, I needed to get myself some smart clothes and I purchased a beautful top from ASOS. I needed it asap and so signed up to ASOS Premier and it's amazing, the service was brilliant, I got this top.

+ I've been using the new Foreo Luna Pro* and it is amazing, its left my skin super soft and so clear. It's so compact and easy to use, I did a full review on it, so you can check out my full thoughts there.

+ I've been turning to Pinterest for some inspiration and have become silghtly addicted, I'd love to see all of your different boards, so leave me your links to your pages below. Mine is always linked on my page!

+ Last week, I uploaded a tag video on my youtube channel, it's the "Disney Tag". I couldn't believe that I hadn't done this before, I'm in love with Disney and it was only right for me to get this done, take a look - I even sing in it! 

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  1. I'm addicted to pinterest too! That documentary sounds really interesting, I'll have to check it out!


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