Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Fashion Inspiration | Jenn Im

I thought it was about time that I brought some youtubers to my little fashion inspiration corner, so today, it's all about Jenn Im. Last month, the focus was on the ever so classy, Linda Rodin, which you can see here if you missed it. Moving on to Jenn, she's Korean American and is known as 'Clothes Encounters' on YouTube. Her videos are focused around fashion, tutorials and lifestyle - the perfect combination in terms of a subscription from me. I think I've always been a fan of Jenn's style, her outfits are very put together but she makes them look effortless at the same time. I like that she always incorporates an accessory, whether it's jewellery or a fabulous hat - I find it always finishes off an outfit nicely. It also seems that Jenn will have a feature piece in her outfits, for example in the third image of the third row, she's got beautiful over-the-knee boots which look like a pleather material, yet the outfit is simplified by the black jeans and taupe jersey. However, she finishes it off with a unique black fur-like/shaggy jacket and a stylish hat - effortless yet sooo slick. I love how she pairs her outfits and puts them together, I'll see an outfit she's wearing and think "that's amazing - perfect outfit!". My favourites from the above are the 3rd pictures from the first and second row and the 2nd image in the third row - LOVE 'EM. Go and check out her youtube channel as well, she won't disappoint - her videos are top notch and beautifully edited. I wish Jenn would come and style my outfits everyday! 


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