Saturday, May 16, 2015

Life Lately Through My Iphone...

It already feels like May is flying by at a fast rate, before I know it we'll be wrapping presents and putting them under the tree again. Here are some photos that have all been posted on to instagram of what's been happening as of late, but I hope you all have a lovely Saturday! Let me know what you're up to in the comments <3.

1. London really is beautiful in the spring time, as I was walking to work in the sunshine, I snapped my outfit (the bottom half anyway) along with some cherry blossom petals. Seeing dashes of pink spotted around different corners around London always makes me smile. 

2. Rupert was awaiting some important news from work which would have determined what he'll be doing from September onwards. I am a strong believer that he always gets what he wants and so bought these cupcakes in celebration of whatever the outcome was. I chose a vanilla one for him and an oreo one for me - they were delicious. 

3. I have been very happy at the moment, minus a few hiccups earlier on in the week, overall I've been very content with how things are and my life, which I must say feels rather fantastic. 

4. Benefit Cosmetics kindly sent me this fruit infused water bottle to do with their march which they held at the weekend, with the tag line #boldisbeautiful. Unfortunately, I couldn't attend as it was my sister's birthday, but I believe they raised a lot of money and it was a success! 

5. As mentioned above and on every social media platform that I have, it was my sister's birthday and it was only complete with a little photo of the two of us on the special day. She is so young in this picture, she doesn't look like this at all, I believe this was way back in 2012. Thank you for all your sweet birthday messages for her, she had a lovely day and even got some goldfish, one is even named after me - honoured!

6. I'm obsessed with my new pillowcases for mine and Rupert's bedroom, they're so sweet and simple. Can you guess which one Rupert is?

7. My two sister's and I went for coffee and cake at the weekend and it was rather yummy, a tad chilly but nothing a latte couldn't solve. My obsession with coffee will never grow old, I can see myself buying copious amounts of coffee machines and flavours in the future. 

8. I uploaded a new video on my youtube channel, my coffee chat #6 - it's a BIG thank you to you guys and two recommendations of mine for you. 



  1. Love these posts!! Those cupcakes look so delicious! xx

    Abi |

  2. Great post =]


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