Saturday, May 23, 2015

Summer Plans

As you know Rupert's heading off to America this Summer which is scary but he's going to have such a fab time. So, the past week has consisted of working, planning blog posts, editing and organising my summer calendar. At the moment I sort of have a frame of what I'm going to be doing and I have a feeling I'm going to be busy, which is fine for me otherwise i'll just be worrying about Rupert! 

I'm excited that I'll be heading to Portugal for a week in August with my sister and her friends, I'm sure I'll be off to Brighton for a while and of course, I'll be based in London. I'm going to meet up with friends for big catch ups and we can't forget that it'll be my birthday at the end of August. This summer will always confirm what I'll be doing in September, whether that will be university or not.. that's pretty daunting! 

Plans aside, things have been very busy and last weekend Rupert and I got to have a fun day out of just us which was so lovely and needed. I may even show you what we divulged at Yo Sushi! 



  1. Sounds great! I´m also spending one week of summer with my sister in France, she´s the best company :)

  2. Please don't tell me you'll be going to Algarve :/


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