Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sunday Coffee Chat | 10.05.15

First and foremost, the biggest happy birthday to my little sister, Olivia, who is 5 today (as if she'd be reading this, despite her fantastic skills as of late) and if you saw my post yesterday then you'll know more about that. This week has been very busy and I've loved it! So, I've started my new job in London which I'm absolutely loving and am hoping it'll be a long-term thing, so we'll keep the finger on the pulse for that.. is that even a saying? This weekend, I went and stayed with my older sister where we had an indian takeaway and giggled over 'Googlebox'. We also took the little sister out bowling for the first time, as well as a play in the park and some tea and cake. Somehow, I also went for another Indian with Rupert last night for a little date, I think I'm full to the brim of curry for a while. I'm looking forward to the week ahead and today is going to be a day of washing, hoovering and blog posts - how glamourous. Amongst the busy-ness of this week, I managed to find a few links worth sharing, here they are...

+ Whilst perusing the world of Facebook I came across this video of golden retriever puppies, which was too cute not to share on my timeline, here it is for you - be ready for the ultimate AWH. 

+ Rupert and I watched a new film this week called 'Get Hard' with Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart. I found it hilarious, it was so funny - proper laughing out loud funny and usually these kind of films aren't my thing, but it was brilliant. 

+ As my work attire for my new job is smart/casual, aka, no jeans or usual uniform of my wardrobe, I got myself some new ballet shoes. I never usually wear them as I wore them for school when I had a uniform and just never got them since, but I'm loving my Butterfly Twist Lexi Ballet Shoes, they literally feel like cushions on my feet. 

+ I finally finished the 'Game of Thrones: Song of Ice and Fire' - how long did that take me?! I can't believe I battled the 801 pages and didn't give up, there were times people, but I wrote a little review on how I got on with it and all that jazz on the above link if you're interested. Plus, I'm a little addicted to Goodreads, so if you want to be friends, send me requests! 

+ I've been really getting in to my instagram and trying to post every day and if not that, then at least on the weekend. I think one of my favourite images has been when I was walking to work (at my other job in London) and seeing all these beautiful cherry blossoms that I managed to capture. 

+ Although it's a bit late in to May now, I've been loving Fleur De Force's "April De Force" vlogging videos. They're so addictive to watch, she's just one of those people that I really like and who I believe is very humble and genuine. I think she's a bit different to some other youtuber's in the sense that she's still very much her and appreciates everything that gets offered to her - she's fab! 

+ On Sunday, I uploaded my first ever cover to YouTube, my oh my was I nervous. Your responses have been so lovely and I would never have thought that i'd received so many likes for it. When I watch it now, I cringe a little and think it's rubbish, but you're your own worse critic - is that right? 


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