Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sunday Coffee Chat | 17.05.15

This week just flew by for me, it was full of work and hardly any play until the weekend came around! Actually, I tell a lie, Rupert had a screening for his WW1 film on Tuesday evening and it was lovely to see all the cast and crew again. It was my dad's birthday on Wednesday and I saw my mum for a coffee on Thursday where I gave her her birthday present, which was a success! This weekend, Rupert and I were in a search to find him a tux for his trip to Cannes next weekend and we went off to see the 'Jack and Dean' show on Saturday afternoon, which was fun! How was your week? Here are my favourite links from the week...

+ I started and finished Carrie Fletcher's book, 'All I Know Now: Wonderings and Reflections on Growing Up Gracefully'! It's such a great read and I wished that I'd had this guide to read when I was much younger and going through the horrible part of the teenager stage (13-15 for me). I highly recommend to read this if you're worrying about how you're feeling, any particular topics - Carrie covers most of it and her advice is invaluable! 

+ I have become very obsessed with an app that I use daily and it's called 'Steps+'. It tracks all the steps you walk in a day and you're supposed to do 10,000 in total! It sounds as if you wouldn't be able to do it when you see it on paper, but one day I managed to do 11,913. It encourages me to choose the walking option, even though it's just numbers, I'm a little addicted to that kind of thing. 

+ I loved Rocket Jump's video this week, the 'World's Biggest Ballpit PRANK!'. It was super creative and just so Freddy Wong, he comes up with some brilliant videos and I love the creativity behind all of his videos. I highly recommend if you're looking for some inspiration if you're a creator or if you're wanting a little giggle!

+ I've started to get in to travel blogs at the moment and one that I came across via a Daily Mail article was 'World of Wanderlust'. I really admire what she does she travels mostly alone and the amount of work she puts in to it is amazing, I would love to do what she does - I didn't need much convincing before to go to India, but now I need to go after reading a blog post of hers. 

+ When I have any spare time and just want to chill a bit, I'll head to Tumblr. I'm loving how mine is looking at the moment and I always forget that there's an 'ASK' box, so if you ever have any questions just head over to my page and ask away! 

+ I'm raving about two documentaries that I am just obsessed with and you just NEED to watch them - take a look

+ Last week, I uploaded a new coffee chat, my sixth instalment in fact! It was super casual and I chatted to you from my bed, I wanted to say a big thank you to you and recommended two documentaries that you NEED to watch!

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