Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Weekend Away Wardrobe

I'm always travelling here and there, whether it's Brighton, Newcastle, round the corner or London. I don't think I've totally got the whole packing thing down, but for one weekend away that I took a couple of weeks ago, I managed to keep to a tight guideline and it sort of worked. I haven't included makeup or skincare as that depends on how my skin is doing, but usually the makeup will be quite minimal, plus you know that bringing a toothbrush is mandatory. I also think that depending on what is actually happening that weekend, the packing list can vary. So here's what I'd take on a weekend away, along with my makeup bag, skincare bunch and other bits and bobs...

2 x Tops... One for each day of the weekend. I tend to pack more of a knitted sweater type deal, so that I'm warm if I get cold and then a blouse which could pass for going out to dinner. 

1 x Trousers... This was a pretty simple decision, I packed my black skinny jeans from ZARA as these go with anything and everything, with the plus that they make my legs look good. 

1 x Dress... A perfect option for going out to dinner and a loose fitted one, so it can hide any food baby that might take place. I also think it'll be more fancy than the top and jeans combo, don't forget black tights to go with it! 

1 x Coat... I love this ASOS coat that Rupert got me for Christmas. It has such a nice silhouette, cosy and goes with everything! I love that it's a camel colour as it instantly makes an outfit look that bit more graceful and sophisticated. 

1 x Bag... If I've got the big weekend away bag then I usually like to have a small handbag with me. This one is from ZARA and fits all the essentials that I need, plus anything extra that I want to fit in. It also has a longer strap so I can attach that to make it a bit more casual and cross it over the body, or have it as a holdall which makes it more smart. 

1 x Pair of boots... As well as whatever shoes I'll be travelling in, I like to take a pair of black heeled boots. These H&M ones are comfortable and perfect to walk in, they look good with jeans and dresses. 

What I would suggest is packing a hoodie or some form of big knitwear if you're travelling in the Winter.. I went to Newcastle and became very cold as I didn't pack either of these items and let me tell you - big regret


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  1. Really nice choice of clothing! I really like the laid-back, basic plain tee style!
    Also, cute boots!!!


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