Monday, July 27, 2015

Flying Solo...

"Those who fly solo, have the strongest wings..."

There’s something quite calming about flying solo, at least my experience was anyway. After my dad kissed me goodbye, off I went to the departures gate, having speedily checked in - I don’t think my airport experience has ever been so dreamy. Off I sauntered, straight through security and there I was surrounded by the duty free perfumes. 

There’s no time pressure when you’re alone and as I comfortably walked through different shops, I found that I’d been staring at books in WHSmiths for at least 20 minutes and oh the joy of not having someone hurry me along. 

Despite my flight being delayed by an hour and a half, I found myself typing away at my laptop in my own world, sipping on coffee and with a permanent frown on my face, trying to work out how to set up my domain I’d just bought. I loved not having to deal with the stress of looking after someone else, making sure everyone had what they needed. It was just me. I only needed to look after me and being the person I am, sometimes I hardly ever “look after/out for me”. 

Fortunately, I had a booked a window seat and the two next to me were empty - luxury at its finest if you're in Economy. Whilst staring at the night sky, that was the only moment where I felt lonely, not alone, but lonely. I even teared up a little, but this wasn't solely to do with being lonesome, but with various things that are swirling around in my life and to be honest, it was quite nice to just cry and not have someone comfort me and fuss. I got over it quickly enough when I heard the trolley and knew a coffee was needed sharpish. 

Even though it might seem a bit depressing heading on a plane solo, I have to say, it’s one of the nicest experiences I’ve ever had. 


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