Saturday, March 05, 2016

A Makeover with Murine Eyes

As mentioned earlier this week, I attended an event held by Murine Eyes, which you can read more about here if you want to, however, today's post is about the little eye makeover I received whilst at the event. This look is certainly dedicated to lovers of a smokey eye using various tones of grey and black. Now, I can't give you a step-by-step guide, as a makeup artist achieved the look above, but I can tell you what I asked for and a hint of her process. 

I wanted a mixture of the two looks which were shown in the SS16 makeup presentation. I wanted my eyes to definitely rock a heavy eye, but I wanted it to seem quite messy and not too overdone. With this in mind, the first she did was remove my existing eye makeup with the Murine Eye Mist on a cotton pad, which was so fresh and cooling on the lids. Then, she used a range of shadows from a MUA eye palette, I'm not totally sure which one it was. She definitely built the look up, starting with a lighter shade of grey, blending a black shadow in to the crease, then using a metallic white for the inner corners and blending it all together for the smokey finish. If you use a mixture of greys, a hint of black and a metallic white, I think it's an easy look to recreate. 

Usually, I wouldn't have gone for something so bold on myself, I usually stick to browns or muted golds and just blend it all together. It was very strange handing the eyeshadow brush to someone else for a change, but I really enjoyed it and was pleasantly surprised. She added a slightly orange toned blush, which was also MUA and finished the look with a MAC lipstick which I didn't get the shade of. 

Since the event, I've been using the eye drops for contact lenses whenever my eyes are feeling dry and it's such a lovely feeling. This is going to sound strange, but after I've applied the drops, my eyes instantly feel moisturised and carry on feeling that way for a while. Definitely a fan of Murine it's no question!


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