Wednesday, March 09, 2016

London | Sky Garden

Speaking about the Sky Garden last week totally reminded me of my first visit there back in October last year. My sister had a spare ticket and asked me if I wanted to go there, I couldn't have said no, the gardens are based at the top of the 'walkie talkie' building - 30 floors up! One of the advantages if that you don't have to pay, but you do have to book a time slot in advance. 

When exiting the lift, you are greeted by an expansive space and the noise of chatter of people drinking, eating, walking around and kids laughing, it's a fun atmosphere. However, I found that the later you go in the evening, then it has more of a bar/club feeling. There's an outside area where you can look over London and my sister had timed it just right, so we could see the sun heading to bed to let the moon shine. Up some stairs and on another level, accessed by a lift, there is the restaurant which is in a glass square and very posh. 

The plants were lovely to look at (so much so, I didn't snap them and enjoyed the moment) and just amazing at how they've been looked after. I assumed that there would have been a lot more, considering the term 'garden' is used in its title, but what was there was lovely. Each plant has a plaque which described it and gave you information on where it came from. It's a beautiful place to meet a friend at and have a chat, but I am warning you, the price of the drinks are pretty steep, but the view makes it worth it. 

Image Source : Google Images
Image Source : Google Images


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